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Maintenance Rates

The following is a list of support packages designed to meet your business needs, without draining your bank account. They are intended to allow you to customize the level and quantity of support you feel is necessary for your particular needs.

All support packages are to be prepaid and maintenance packages that are sold will be billed in 3 month increments.

Please Note: Maintenance Packages are not transferable between different business locations and monthly maintenance hours cannot be carried over or borrowed from one month to another.

Any additional hours exceeding those allotted per month will be charged at the rate of $105.00 per hr.

Monthly Maintenance Packages

These packages are ideal for a company with an established technological base that would like periodic check-ups. These check-ups can include backup tests and fine tuning, software patches available from software manufacturers, and/or desktop and server periodic optimizations. Choose the plan that’s best for you. Note - maintenance package cost excludes cost of software patches. If a high-speed Internet connection is not available, additional charges may apply. Fuel/travel fees may apply depending on location.

  • $420 - 4 Hour package [Good for 1-3 Computers] - All pre-agreed upon tasks are performed monthly, to a max of 4 hours per month, with ¼ hr increments (rounded up), or 2 onsite visits, whichever is less. Additional time as needed are billed by the à la Carte rate. See below.
  • $490 - 5 Hour package [Good for 3-5 Computers] - Same as above, to a maximum of 5 hours per month, or 3 onsite visits, whichever is less.
  • $550 – 6 Hour package [Good for 4-6 Computers] – Same as above, to a maximum of 6 hours per month, or 3 onsite visits, whichever is less.
  • $680 - 8 Hour package [Good for 6-8 Computers] - Same as above, to a maximum of 8 hours per month, or 4 onsite visits, whichever is less.
  • $790 -10 Hour package [Good for 8-10 Computers] –Same as above, to a maximum of 10 hours a month, or 5 onsite visits, whichever is less.

New Technology/Roll-Out packages:

These projects are more complex, and so are the packages designed to fit your particular task. Examples of a New Technology Packages include a system-wide installation of new printers, deployment of new accounting software across several desktops, or networking an office.

The particulars of this type of package will be agreed upon before any work is begun. At our discretion, a preliminary analysis may be provided for a nominal charge.

à la Carte Service

This is the conventional pay-as-you-go service. An hourly rate of $115 per hour is charged in ¼ hour increments, with a 1 hour minimum. An additional per visit fee of $30.00 and fuel/travel charges may apply depending on location.

Payment and Surcharges:

Plan payment is expected prior to month service contract begins.

Cost-Per-Email-Rate is a maximum of 15 minutes of service time per email sent by us. Phone time is billed out in 15 minute increments, with a 15 minute minimum.
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