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Michael Simon 06/28/2017
I met the owner of the Company a couple of nights ago at Microcenter. His name is Phil Kratzert and He is a total Mensch. He was nothing but helpful and totally knowledgeable about everything. I even called Him afterwards that same night and was still so helpful and courteous and a total Gentleman. Thank you again Phil. You saved me
Eric Lopiano 04/22/16
This place is the best! Kind, courteous, and fast service. Never had one complaint ever!! If you have a computer problem, bring it here!!
Nana 03/15/14
Great service, I highly recommend these guys for computer repairs. Phil was very knowledgable and helpful.
David 02/03/14
I highly recommend JNDSCOMPUTERSALES. These guys are the best! Great service, friendly staff, and affordable pricing. These guys know their stuff. I DEFINITELY will be coming back if I have any future computer problems. Thanks guys!
Leslie 02/16/13
I highly recommend JNDSCOMPUTERSALES. They really helped me out with my daughters computer and gave me a very good deal. Very friendly, eager to help, and extremely knowledgeable. Thanks guys!!
Matthew 11/30/12
These guys are amazing! I was a first time builder and I made a royal mess. I had to bring it to Phil to straighten things out. This didn't go with that, this wasn't compatible with this. In the end Phil got me up and running, and I would of paid triple for the speedy, knowledgeable services. I will recommend these guys to anyone that needs computer help.
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